Stafix Equine products are specifically designed to deliver safe and effective horse containment.

Electric fencing is low cost, easier to install, requires less maintenance, and controls horses more effectively than traditional fencing.  

Stafix offers a range of high quality and reliable permanent fencing and temporary fencing solutions. These successfully contain horses and help maximise the efficiency of pasture management.

Equine Corral Kit

‘Fence-in-a-bag’ kit includes basic assortment of items to easily construct a reliable temporary electric fence.

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Reliable, strong and UV resistant. Designed specifically for equine use. All Stafix insulators come with a 10 year warranty, guaranteeing they'll do the job.  

Tape, Wire, Braid & Rope

Specifically designed for horses, providing visibility wth safety in mind.


Stafix equine hardware products support the effective installation of your equine electric fence.

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