Tape, Wire, Braid & Rope

Stafix equine-specific tape, wire, braid and rope products provide ultimate visibility wth safety in mind.

Specifically designed for horses as well as cattle and large, fast moving animals.

All Stafix tape, wire, braid and rope products are UV stable and designed for long life.

Choosing tape, braid or rope

Tape - Ideal high visibility temporary fencing for horses, cattle and deer.
Braid - More visible, stronger and conductive than wire. Ideal for all livestock including horses.
Rope - Good visibility. Ideal for short distances. Suitable for use with sheep, goats, deer, cattle and horses.
Wire - Cost effective temporary fencing. Suitable for all livestock including sheep, goats and cattle.

Understanding the Extreme, Premium or Poli product options

Extreme  - The ultimate in conductivity and strength
Premium - Greater conductivity and strength
Poli  - Effective conductivity and strength


Extreme Tape 40 mm (1 1/2 in)

99x more conductive than standard politape. 5 tinned copper strands for ultimate conductivity. Ideal for long distance, semi-...

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Premium Tape 40 mm (1 1/2 in)

Ideal for permanent fencing or high traffic areas such as gateways. 1.7x more conductive than...

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Extreme Braid 7 mm (1/4 in)

68x more conductive than Poliwire.  4 tinned copper strands provide ultimate conductivity. Ideal for long lengths of semi-...

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Extreme Rope 6 mm

52x more conductive than Poliwire. 3 tinned copper strands for ultimate conductivity. Ideal for temporary fencing and strip grazing...

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