Why electric fencing?

An electric fence energizer (sometimes called a charger or controller) takes electric energy from a power source and delivers it to a fence as pulses. These pulses are the “shock” felt by an animal that touches an electrified fence.

Unlike a conventional fence, an electric fence is a psychological barrier such that animals learn to respect the fence. 

Electric fencing offers you a number of benefits over conventional fencingWhy choose electric fencing:
Animal safety
A safe and effective option to barbed wire or woven fences, electric fence systems also deter and protect against trespassers and predators.
Lower cost 
Electric fencing requires less set-up and material than conventional fences (barbed or woven wire, wood rail, vinyl).  Animals are less likely to damage an electric fence as they usually don’t touch it more than once which reduces maintenance. It is important to invest in quality components for fewer maintenance problems and greater fence life-expectancy, increasing your value for money.
Ease of construction
Relatively simple and easy to build, electric fences can be installed quickly and with minimum tools, saving you time and money.
Wire spacing and fence design can be modified to control a variety of animals. Temporary electric fences also offer the benefit of being able to be moved quickly and easily.
Long life 
Electric fences can last a long time – up to 40 years for permanent electric fences – when built with quality components and materials.