Extreme Geared Reel

Rugged, reliable and built for performance,  the Speedrite Extreme Geared Reel reimagines everything you thought you knew about electric fence reels.
  • Reimagine simplicity with smooth tangle-free wire and politape spooling
  • Reimagine connection with quick locking and seamless electrification
  • Reimagine efficiency with rapid return 3:1 gearing
Our new Extreme Geared Reel is easy to use, operates smoothly and is rugged enough to hook on anywhere you need it to without coming free. 
  • Holds 500m of poliwire or 200 m of 12 mm politape
  • 3:1 gear ratio with a solid steel crank
  • Wire tracking for even wire distribution across the bobbin
  • Drag adjustment to prevent over run and tangling
  • Isolated power flow through the reel frame
  • On/off power switch for fingertip control
  • New hook design for enhanced stability on fence or bike
  • Hook fits a range of bar widths
  • Frame insulated from spool
  • Impact resistant frame and bobbin
  • 2 year warranty

Operating instructions

View the Extreme Geared Reel operating instructions.

Warranty information

2 Year Warranty Warranty

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