Innovations in technology mean solar installations are now a practical and cost effective method of powering areas where mains power is either unavailable or impractical.

Stafix solar panels and energizers feature high-tech materials and are engineered to rigorous quality standards. This means you can trust Stafix to transfer energy with minimal loss. The end result is less battery drain while maintaining higher fence voltage.

Solar Systems and Kits are available in selected markets and options may vary in different countries.

Contact your local Datamars Customer Services Representative or Stafix stockist for advice and assistance in selecting the right Solar System/Kit for your needs.


Key features

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  • Microprocessor technology automatically adjusts the output energy depending on the battery condition. This feature extends battery life and is particularly efficient when used in solar installations.

    Battery Saver

3 J Solar System

Powers up to 30 miles (120 acres) of fence 3 J maximum...

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2J Solar System

Powers up to 20 miles (80 acres) of fence 2 J maximum...

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1 J Solar System

Powers up to 10 miles (40 acres) of fence 1 J maximum...

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Solar Panels

Stafix solar panels provide fast charging of batteries through superior conversion efficiency of sunlight to electrical...

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12 V Solar Regulator

Designed to protect solar system batteries from power spikes. Stops the solar system's battery from being overcharged. A ...

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Portable Solar Energizers

Ideal for isolated areas and fence lines where no mains power is available.

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