Help and FAQs

Where can I find general electric fencing information, help, advice or supporting manuals?

Visit our Resources section.

Is electric fencing cost-effective?

Yes. Electric fencing offers you a number of benefits over conventional fencing including lower cost. For more information on these benefits visit our ‘Why Electric Fencing’ guide in our Resources section.

What is the difference between Stored Joules (energy) and Output Joules (energy)?

Stored Joules relates to the energy (power) stored inside the energizer. Output Joules relates to how much energy (power) can travel from your energizer onto your fence line, powering your electric fence.

When selecting an energizer, it is important to always look at the Output Joules.

For more information about energizer selection, visit the Resources section.

Why is earthing so important to my electric fence?

Your earth system is the most important component of your electric fence. An effective earth system will optimise the performance of your electric fence.

For more information on earthing, see our 'Earthing Your Energizer' guide in our Resources section.

Where can I find installation information?

Installation information can be found in the Helpful Information area of our Resources section or by downloading copy of the Stafix Electric Fencing manual.

I need some advice on my property. Who can I contact?

Send us your query via our enquiry form and a Tru-Test Group representative will get back to you.

I have technical questions about Stafix electric fence products.

Basic technical information and user manuals can be found in our Resources section.  If you still can't find the information you need please contact your nearest Speedite dealer. Or, feel free to contact us via enquiry form.

What if I can't find what I'm looking for on this website?
Who can I contact with a distribution enquiry?
Where can I find pricing for Stafix electric fence products?

Stafix electric fence products are sold through our trusted resellers worldwide.  Contact your nearest Stafix dealer for a price.

To help with your pricing questions, you may like to add the products you're interested in to your printable Product Wishlist (located on each product page), which you can then take it to your local dealer with all the information they need to give you a price.

Where can I purchase Stafix electric fencing products?

Stafixelectric fence products are sold through our trusted resellers into over 120 countries worldwide.  Find your nearest Stafix dealer.

How can I give feedback about this site or a Stafix product?

Fill out our quick feedback form. We'd love to hear from you.