Solar fencing guide

How does it work

A solar panel charges a battery by converting sunlight into electricity which is then used to keep the energizer operating 24 hours per day. Stafix offers a range of energizers that are compatible with solar energy as well as integrated solar systems.

Where to place your Solar Energizer

Your solar energizer can be placed anywhere along your fence line as long as it has access to unrestricted sunshine. The track of the sun changes as the seasons vary. It is also very important that your solar panel is securely placed in an area where animals or weather conditions can’t damage, cover or interfere with the angle that you’ve established.

NOTE: Face your SOLAR PANEL towards the noontime sun - due south in the northern hemisphere.


What will you need*

Energizer - Select your energizer based on the area you need to fence. It is important that you have adequate power or you risk weak spots in your fence which could allow animals to escape or enter.

Battery - Stores the energy harnessed by the solar panel. Stafix 1 J, 2 J and 3 J solar systems are designed to run with 12 V (deep cycle, marine type) batteries (sold separately). The size of the 12 V battery must suit the current consumption (mA) of your chosen energizer. See the quick comparison tables on pages 5 and 7 for the current consumption (mA) of your chosen energizer. The 12 V battery must also have sufficient storage capacity to power the energizer during periods of reduced sunlight (for example, in cloudy weather).

Solar Panel - Captures and processes light from the sun. Select your panel(s) based on the power of your energizer and battery system. See the quick comparison tables on pages 5 and 7 for the recommended solar panel for your chosen solar compatible energizer. Note: larger energizers and battery systems require larger solar panels.

Regulator - An important component where external solar panels are connected to battery energizers. It limits the voltage to prevent overcharging of the battery.

Grounding - As with other types of electric fence systems it is important to ground your solar electric fence.

* Contact your local Stafix dealer for assistance in selecting the right solar fencing system for your needs.