Meet the Stafix energizer that does it all

The Unigizer™ is the exciting next generation Stafix energizer that takes pasture management to new levels of efficiency and convenience. Launched to rave reviews, the key to the popularity of these new products is their ability to be a battery unit today and a mains unit tomorrow, giving you total flexibility. Choosing an electric fence energizer has never been easier with this one energizer that does it all.
By simply replacing the power adapter (included) with the 12 V battery lead set (included), the Stafix Unigizer becomes a flexible, powerful tool in protecting your valuable livestock. Ease of use and application is also key to the success of these units, as well as their ability to easily integrate with solar panels to create semi-permanent and permanent solar fencing installations.
The Unigizer is the perfect unit if you’re a small block holder developing your property from scratch, especially when you may not have mains power readily available. It's also the ideal choice if you're looking for a reliable mains-powered energizer for small areas.
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