46000W Mains Energizer

Powers up to 460 km / 640 acres / 290 miles / 260 hectares of fence 46 J maximum output energy (68 J stored energy)

Warranty information

3 years Warranty

Key features

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  • We stand behind the reliability of our products. Visit our warranty policy page for full details.
    3 Year Warranty
  • Enables you to power a fence system to perform exceptionally well in dry, low conductive soil.

    Bi-polar Technology
  • Provides a cleaner, more powerful pulse, maximising the energy that travels down the fence for optimal stock control.

    Cyclic Wave™ Technology
  • Located on the rear of energizer it indicates the solar energizer is working.

    Indicator Light
  • Using a Stafix fence remote (with remote capable Stafix energizers) enables you to switch the energizer on or off from anywhere along the fence line. This makes it easy to manage repairs and maintenance.
    Remote Capable

Technical Specifications

Distance powers: km460 km
Distance powers: miles290 miles
Distance powers: Acres640 acres
Distance powers: Hectares260 hectares
Input Voltage100–240 V 50-60 Hz
Maximum stored energy68 J
Maximum output energy46 J @ 33Ω
Output Voltage @ 100 Ωup to 8,900 V
Output Voltage @ 500 Ωup to 9,300 V
Minimum number of earth rods required
We recommend you confirm requirements with your local reseller
Powers up to 460 km (290 miles / 640 acres / 260 hectares)
46 J @ 33Ω max. output energy (68 J stored energy)

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